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Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant

Nothing better than being free from the weight of non-strategic tasks,
and focusing exclusively on your business strategy.

Admit it - no entrepreneur is a Superman!


Admin Management

Are you building your own business and are unable to respond to the 42 emails you receive every day and this prevents you from concentrating on what is most important? Don't collapse! I am here to help:

  • Agenda and Meeting Management
  • Data Entry & Research: finding and organising information from on and off the internet
  • Understanding Portuguese Mail: interpret communications you receive in Portuguese and assist with them when required
  • Mail Management and filing: receiving, sorting and organising your mail

Reservations & Gifts

Do you have a website but don't have time to update it, respond to user comments or renew content? Do you need a presentation for a meeting and don't know what Canva is? This is where I come in to help you:

  • Reservations for restaurants: find and book nice restaurants for an occasion
  • Find and purchase gifts online or in-store
  • Reservations for Wellness and Beauty

Travel the World

Business + Leisure, did you already know the term? Planning and booking all your business trips, from the seat on the aircraft, hotel and transfer.
After your professional commitments, suggestions and reservations for restaurants, tours, concerts, theater and events happen in the city where you are!

Personal Shopping

From grocery shopping, collect orders in stores to the purchase of exclusive products, all this so that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home!

  • Groceries and Online Purchases
  • Collect items from the post

Real Estate Management

Whether the desire is to buy, sell or rent a first-class residence, I will find the perfect property to suit every lifestyle and investment objective.

  • Relocation support: securing a home rental, golden visa administration & much more;
  • Lifestyle Management Services: to lift the burden of personal responsibilities in your day-to-day life;
  • Investment in Portugal: a country that gives you free access to the entire Schengen Area;

Private Parties & Events

In partnership with Extravaganty, we produce legendary parties and celebrations. Redefining itineraries, making them more exceptional and creating unique memories.

  • Acess to events: the access that you want for any event anywhere in the world!
  • Unique Experiences: creating original experiences in exciting sought-after locations

It is time to delegate. It is time to invest in yourself !



More time for you and to focus on what’s important:
your business. Give me the boring stuff!


More freedom to spend time with your family and your hobbies. Delegating is the step to free yourself, make your ideas come true and generate results!


More productivity and more energy for your company’s strategy. 80% of the results come from 20% of your effort!


Less costs, less tax burden, no space and equipment costs, when having only one person to perform your daily tasks!


Available just
a click away.

I intend to be a support for you, help in your professional and personal day-to-day, through a relationship, which although remote is personal and direct.

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